• Who We Are


    JP Admark Media is a core Media Brand of JP Advertising & Marketing Creation (JP Admark).JP Admark Media is a Professional..

  • Enhancing Brands

    Events & Exhibitions

    We at JP Admark, Create, Maintain, Protect and Enhance Long-Term Brand Value and Strengthening Corporate Equity.

  • Media Services

    Events & Exhibitions

    To Promote a Brand, various Medias are available. We will have to adopt different forms for different media.

  • Creative Ads Design

    Print Media

    Creativity is the heart of advertising and branding. It is what predicts existence to messages about products .

  • Print Ads

    Electronic Media

    Despite the fact that much emphasis these days is on Internet and Social Media Marketing, it is also imperative to stay ...

  • PR Services

    OOH Advertising

    Press Release is the news sent out or released by the company making the news. In an Earnings Press Release...

  • Electronic Media

    Print Media

    Media plays an important role in keeping people informed about the events and innovations around the globe.

  • Ad Films/ Radio Spots

    Electronic Media

    The JP Admark Media have resource with all the necessary tools for Ad films ,Radio Spots and Jingles including Shooting...

  • OOH Media

    OOH Advertising

    JP Admark Media is a Professional OOH (Out-of-Home) Advertising Agency that provides a range of Outdoor Advertising & Media Solutions.

  • Digital Media

    Print Media

    JP Admark Digital offer overall Digital Marketing services by providing Digital Marketing Strategy, Domain & Hosting Services..